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Projekt A4: PhD Position

Understanding Water Relaxation Dynamics at Interfaces

Understanding the mechanism of vibrational energy relaxation provides not only insights in the intermolecular interactions in complex condensed-phase systems, but it is also crucial to address the role that the liquid surface plays in many chemical phenomena of importance in environmental science and technology. Recently we have developed a new multiscale approach to describe molecular vibrational relaxation, where single molecule vibrational excitations are produced and the subsequent energy transfer is analyzed thanks to newly introduced descriptors based on the vibrational density of states. The idea of this project is to further develop such approach in order to include nuclear quantum effects and to provide an interpretation of the time resolved vibrational pump probe experiments. A master in Physics, Chemistry or Materials Science with excellent grades - good knowledge of Statistical Mechanics and/or Electronic Structure Theory - good knowledge of modern programming and scripting languages - proficiency in spoken and written English language are required. Experience with simulation of nuclear quantum effects at the master thesis level would be an advantage.

Applications including a statement of interest and CV should be sent to: Marialore Sulpizi (sulpizi@uni-mainz.de )


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