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On the approximation of hyperbolic problems, the example of fluid mechanics"

Donnerstag, 27. November 2014 17:00 Uhr;

JGU Mainz, Mathematics, Hilbert-Raum

Sprecher: Rémi Abgrall; Universität Zürich

In this talk, my goal is to show, on one example, how the relations be- tween Physics and Mathematics can be translated to describe some numerical methods, and exploited for their analysis. I want also to show what can be the impact of (applied) Computer Science in this. I will first explain from physical arguments where the system of partial differen- tial equations that describes fluid flows comes from. In particular, I will explain and recall what are the connections between thermodynamical considerations and deep mathematical properties of the system. Then, I will describe some ways to approximate this system, what are the issues and how they can be cor- rected again by copying the physics (or the mathematics at a continuous level). I will also show how the structure of computer have had a deep impact on the field, from the very beginning up to recent research. I will finish by some recent developments in the field.


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