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IRTG Lecture

Friday, June 24, 2016 10:00 AM;

JGU Mainz, Physics, Newton-Raum


Arash Nikoubashman: Transport and assembly of colloidal particles through flow

Colloidal particles under flow are ubiquitous in many biological and technological systems, whether it is the transport of blood cells in our body or surfactants in enhanced oil recovery. Microrheological systems are also highly intriguing from a purely scientific point of view, as the phenomenological laws of fluid dynamics change drastically at these length scales, and therefore require a rigorous investigation. Computer simulations are an ideal tool for studying these complex systems, as they provide critical microscopic insights and allow for systematically scanning the relevant parameter space. To illustrate the relevance of this topic and the versatility of the employed methodology, the presentation will focus on three different systems, namely the flow-induced separation of rigid colloids in microfluidic devices, the self-assembly of amphiphilic Janus particles under flow, and the mass production of soft nanoparticles through rapid solvent exchange.


Ioana Ilie: A novel coarse grain protein model with internal degrees of freedom


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