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Project A2: PhD Position

Coarse-graining in self-assembly

The goal of this project is to study the folding and self-assembly of biopolymers (e.g. single stranded DNA or RNA) under non-equilibrium conditions (e.g. shear flow) over multiple length- and time-scales. We are interested in the systematic mapping from the atomistic model to a coarse-grained representation, with a data-driven analysis of the relevant order parameters. Students interested in the project should hold a master's degree in Physics (or a related discipline), and a working knowledge of statistical mechanics. Most beneficial would be some experience with molecular dynamics simulations (e.g., in form of a master's thesis).

Applications including a statement of interest and CV should be sent to:

Thomas Speck (thomas.speck@uni-mainz.de) and Arash Nikoubashman (anikouba@uni-mainz.de )


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