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Two-Dimensional Turbulence: a survey, a new result, speculations

Monday, April 4, 2016 1:15 PM;

JGU Mainz, Physics, Medienraum

Speaker: Theo Odijk; Lorentz Institute for Theoretical Physics, Leiden, Netherlands

Even though turbulence is basically still an enigma, several key analytical results are known when it is two dimensional (2D). I present a short survey for those who are not familiar with the subject. Next, a novel asymptotically rigorous result is discussed based on an analogy between 2D nematics and 2D turbulence in the inertial Kraichnan regime at high Reynolds numbers. The behaviour of a polymer chain dissolved in the former is similar to that of a material line in the latter. This reasoning leads to a relation between the material line correlations and those of the underlying bulk liquid under conditions of complete slaving. The non-trivial exponent for the former seems to bear on important soap film experiments carried out by Amarouchene and Kellay a decade ago. I also present speculations on how a complete theory of 2D turbulence could look like.


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